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We offer a large variety of Car Customizations. We specialize in car stereo systems, security, remote starters, and all other customized accessories. We keep a large inventory of just about all you could imagine you need to customize you automobile. Please feel free to contact us and receive friendly customer service, and talk directly with a professional automotive technician! 
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 B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio has been a Crossfire Car Audio dealer for some time now. With that being said you're probably thinking "what else is new". Well, We are now Moving Crossfire to the top of the list. Crossfire will now be our premiere Brand. Crossfire has worked hard for the independent specialist; through marketing, and product development. Crossfire's product delivers quality, flare, and the excitement that exceeds what one would expect from any of the industry's leading Manufacturers. B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio's word for Crossfire is "Expect"; and you can expect to have nothing shy of the best when you choose Crossfire Car Audio.

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New Bak Industries
Roll X
Tonneau Covers
Now Available!!!
2013 Celebrates Kicker's 40th Anniversary
Help them celebrate their 40th Anniversary with their Brand New
Kicker Pro-fit line!!!
Kicker IX1000.1D
Price Too Low to Print!!!
BEETEM Car Audio offers a full line of genuine current Kicker Products. As we always guarantee to have the lowest prices of any Brick and Mortar retailer, we'll make no exceptions to our commitment to have the Lowest prices.
Head Units
Kenwood DDX-470
2014 Memphis Mojo X
Memphis Mojo 5
 Memphis M5

Crossfire XS
Crossfire C7
(Release Coming Soon)
Crossfire C5
Crossfire C3
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DB Drive OKUR K5 12" Subwoofers
 Rockford Fosgate P|3 12

Memphis MC. 1.4000
Memphis PR-1000x1

Crossfire C5 1000D
 Please Call or Visit us for Super Low Pricing!!!
Crossfire C5 1700D

Super Sale
American Bass VFL 1100.1

This Amplifier is for those requiring a lot of power.
Their may be serious consequences running this amplifier.
B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio & Accessories is not responsible for any damages.
There are tons of specials found in our store everyday. We gaurantee the lowest prices, and the highest quality found.
Remote Starters
Tonneau Covers
Auto Security
Luminous Zenon HID's
Customized Exhaust
Alternator Service
Auto Mechanics
Electrical Repairs
Home Entertainment
Bumper To Bumper Customization
Kicker Pro-Fit Authorized Dealer
BEETEM Car Audio Has brought the Brand New, Redefined Kicker Pro-Fit into our store. Kicker has proven with there new Pro-Fit line that they still have the will to innovate, and strive to be one of the highest quality offering car audio companies out there. They have developed a line that's only in the hands of the independent specialist, and WILL NOT be found on the shelf at Wal-Mart. Kicker Pro-fit is here, and available to those that desire the high grade.
 Authorized Memphis Car Audio Dealer
We now have Memphis Car Audio. Memphis Car Audio will now be B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio's Premium line. Always buy Memphis Car Audio from an authorized dealer. No internet sells can be provided, so therefore I can not offer any Memphis items to be sold through my website. All Memphis product must be picked up at a B.E.E.T.E.M. Inc. Location, which is currently our store at 422 N. Zane Highway, Martins Ferry, OH 43935. Thank You and we look forward to providing you with the lowest prices Memphis can be found ANYWHERE!!!
DB Drive is one of the industry's best brands for the money. B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio strives to ensure that all the equipment coming out of our doors is nothing but the highest quality products. You will find that we DO NOT carry brands that is known to be cheap for it's quality. There is an old saying "You get what you pay for," we at B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio like to ensure our customers that not always the case. You can go to just about any other Car Customization shop and find these same items sold at a higher price to represent quality, we just offer the highest quality, at the lowest price GAURANTEED!!!
B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio Authorized DB Drive Dealer
American Bass is B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio's Premiere Brand. American Bass is one of the industry's leading brands for "Excellence In Sound" American Bass defines the saying "Bang for your Buck." American Bass continues to put competers on the winning brackets in all classes in all compettitions. No matter what type of system you are trying to build,whether it's one of your local neighborhoods loudest entry level bass, and or highs; or one of the worlds loudest system, American Bass has what you need. I can gaurantee you will not find any brand that can offer you a better "Bang for your Buck." With B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio's entire Mission at state, their is no other brand that we are a more proud dealer for.
Get caught up in the Crossfire!!!
Crossfire is the product that you definitely do not want to sleep on. Crossfire doesn't make it hard to decide what you need in your car to have a great system, they have 2 lines of subwoofers, and 1 line of inner speakers, and one of the industry's best amplifier manufacturer. So with this being said, if the system you have says Crossfire, you'll never be a victim of the cheap stuff.
These are our main brands, even though we do offer other brands at B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio, these are the brands that we find to offer the highest quality. We will always strive to offer the lowest price that we can on all of our brands that we sell, GAURANTEED!!! Below you will find the logo's of the other brands that we offer at B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio
We do allow orders to be placed over the phone, we accept all different forms of payments, but for shipped orders we prefer you to use paypal. We do accept all major debit/credit cards. We can either have your item shipped to your front door, or arrange a pick-up.
For Orders By Phone Call:
(740) 633-8845
For Orders By Fax:
(740) 633-8846
Email Orders to:
DC Audio, Didgital Design, and Audioque (Sound Q) are Consumer Direct companies, although DC, and DD do have dealers in parts of the country, most people know they can just give them a call. However, even though we are not a dealer for these companies, we are specialist in high powered systems, and we do offer installs for the consumer that purchases one of these companies product from an Authorized source. However, we would recommend before you go throw A LOT of extra money on one of these brands, Please take a look at American Bass.                                 
Alternator Service...
For those who don't know. Your alternator plays the biggest role in you ability to produce power. Even though you may have the industry's best amplifier, and subwoofers doesn't mean that you will be able to produce the wattage that you may think you are producing. Putting a 2000+ watt amplifier on a 2000+ watt subwoofer really doesn't do any good if you have a stock alternator. Yes reserve power does help out, that's why we offer a fine line of Kinetic, XS, and Shuriken Batteries, 1-40 farad Capacitors, but it's only a matter of minutes before those power hungry frequencies start draining your voltage and send a clipped signal to your subwoofers, and nothing will destroy a subwoofer faster than a clipped signal. So, with all that being said; BEETEM car Audio has contacted two of the Nation's Top Alternator manufacturers (Ohio Generator, Mechman) and now offer great deals on Alternator upgrades. Now, for those of you that find it difficult to come up with the money due to other circumstances (e.g. Family, bills, etc.) we can also find you more economical brand alternators, and as always we offer the valleys best labor rates, So Come On In And Upgrade Your Electrical System!!!
So Stop on in and see All That BEETEM Car Audio Has in Store for You!!!
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